We’re proud to share our Solve IT 2019 regional innovation competition winners from Bahir Dar! Melkamu Tadesse, who led the first place winning team, developed an HM3-

Rapid Proto-Printing Enterprise – a low-cost printer that can create real-scale 3D models of any shape. Their tech solution will assist university students and researchers in prototyping their projects. Second place winner, Dawit Getachew, created a machine that addresses plastic pollution by converting waste plastic to fuel, hydrogen fuel and electricity. The third place goes to a group of high school students lead by Nathnael Tamir.

They designed “Project smart click button” - a small device that when plugged into an android phone serves as a shortcut key. By simply clicking the button, users can bypass opening the screen and go straight to activating a phone function. A big thank you to our partners JICA Ethiopia Icog-labsand Bahir Dar University, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia. USInvestsInEthiopians JICAinEthiopia  SolveIT2019 (U.S. Embassy Addis Ababa)