1 Starting a business
- Eliminates the equipment’s for lease/rental agreement as proof of physical address to get business registration and license
- Eliminates the requirement of publication of company name in newspapers of national circulation and 15 days awaiting ahead of business registration(replaced with a new system of web-based company name publication by the Mnistry of Trade and industry following registration of the business)

- Provides one-stop-shop(OSS) service at the ministry of trade and industry including TIN issuance and document authentication
- Number of days to get cash register machine reduced to maximum of 3 days


2. Getting Credit

- A new national bank of Ethiopia directive that mandates inclusion of micro finance institutions into the credit information system
- National Bank of Ethiopia credit registry database /depth of credit information expanded covering over 3 million borrowers (more than 5% of adult population as compared to 0.4% in previous years
- A new proclamation on movable properties security rights at final stage of approval. Once approved, it enables the use of movable assets as secured collateral.

3. Trading across boarders
- Pilot electronic single window customer service launched
- Web based internal customs management system launched
- Deferred payment allowing importers to clear containers by providing bank guarantee for settlement of customs duty and taxes with in one month implemented
- Importers can ask for advance ruling on duty and taxes before purchase of good
- Importers can now submit required documents before the arrival of the shipment at the dry port and to start the clearance process
- Number of documents required for import and export reduced
- Export risk management implemented with the effect of reducing clearance delay. Coffee export categorized on yellow channel, allowing clearance with documentary inspection. (no physical inspection required)
- Import risk management expanded to cover additional products. 66% spare parts import categorized on green and yellow channel.
- Risk based cargo scanning inspection implemented. 54% of imported spare parts and 100% of exported coffee were cleared without cargo scanning inspection.

4. Dealing with Construction permit

  • With the objective of creating a safe working environment the addis ababa city administration construction permit Bureau issued a directive that
  • Reduces time to get planning consent from 3days to 45 minutes
  • Mandates final inspection before occupancy permit or all kind of buildings
  • To improve speed and quality of service in AACA construction permit Bureau is hiring registered professionals for verifying plans, inspection and supervision
  • Online construction permit application platform is on pilot
  • Reduces the maximum number of days for review and approval of plan from 21 days to 13 days
  • A new directive by Addis Ababa water supply and sewerage authority enables expedited service provision for commercial and industrial clients to connect to water in 3days and sewerage in 12 days maximum

5. Registering Property


6 Enforcing Contract

7. Getting Electricity