In the wake of the West African Ebola outbreaks currently ongoing in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The Ethiopian Ministry of Health says that it has been taking preventive control to prevent Ebola from entering the country.

Minister of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Amir Aman said the professionals are conducting experience sharing to apply strict control to prevent Ebola from crossing the border into Ethiopia.

He said that preparation is made to airports and 33 inlets and outposts are under strict control.

Ethiopian Airlines flies to Congolese city of Goma seven days a week, preventive measures have been launched at four Ethiopian international airports and 33 border checkpoints, according to the state news agency ENA report.

According to the minister, inlets and outlets to Somaliland, Sudan and South Sudan are under strict control to prevent Ebola, which is now spread to Spain and America.

The government is allocated 250 million birr for the purpose of prevention.