The Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) Executive Committee that has been discussing for two days has said it set directions to enforce rule of law in the country.

The Executive Committee indicated that the coalition has been lenient for the past year in excuse for past public grievances which was suppressed before the reform.

Executive Committee of the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front has been deliberating on various current national agendas and assessed the performance of the Front for two days. The Front outlined future directions following an in-depth appraisal on current issues and organizational performance. One of the agendas that the party has deliberated on is the issue of rule of law which has been a serious challenge for the Front chairman; Prime Minister Abyi Ahmed led administration. The Front stressed that the time of tolerance now has elapsed and the party will enforce the countries rule of law.

Speaking to EBC, Member of the Executive Committee and head of EPRDF’s Bureau for Political and Civic Affairs Fikadu Tessema said rule of law is not negotiable. He added the Front also outlined the role of the media in supporting the reform and the rule of law.

Fikadu also stated that EPRDF has set direction on how to forge its unity as a single party. Accordingly, its collation members will continue the ongoing phase of discussion to restructure the Front into a single party Afro FM reports.