H.E Dr. Ergoge Tesfaye Minister of Labour and Social Affairs held talks with Humanity and Inclusion representatives, Mr.Manual Patrouillard, Global Managing Director and Mr.Rajesh Chandra, Country representative in Ethiopia and Somaliland, in her

office on vulnerable people especially people with disabilities. H.E expresses her gratitude to delegates for their coming and discuss on the agenda that needs more attention than ever. As per Ethiopian Government concerns, the ministry has been working aggressively on people with disabilities and upgraded the existing department to Directorate level to strengthen the activities in the country, she said.

H.E Dr. Ergoge also mentioned that MOU had been signed with Humanity and inclusive three years back and it needs revision and improvement to enhance accessibility on education, health and different services for people with disabilities as per the 10 years national plan of the ministry. On top of these she reminds the Humanity and inclusive to consider autism in its project.

Humanity and Inclusion representative,Mr. Rajesh, in his part appreciates the commitment of Ethiopia that takes to improve accessibility of people with disability.

Humanity & Inclusion has been working in Ethiopia since 1986, with a mission to improve access to humanitarian services for people with disabilities. Currently, the organization is working to improve the living conditions of vulnerable people in Ethiopia and to ensure the inclusion of refugees and internally displaced persons, he explains. He also agreed to work on vulnerable people to achieve the mission of organization on humanitarian and inclusive issues.

At the end both agreed to work closely on raising awareness, training and distributes mobility aids to those who require support.

Finally, H.E Dr.Ergoge appreciated the delegates and thanks for all,the fruitful discussion they have made.