The handover ceremony of agricultural equipment and materials donated by the Chinese Government to Ethiopia was held at the Ethiopian Ministry of Agriculture. 148 sets of agricultural equipment and supplies were officially handed over to the Government of Ethiopia.

The agricultural equipment and materials include tractors and matching rotary tillers, seeders and trailers, as well as generators, rice and wheat threshing machines, cottonseed shedding machines, gasoline engine pumps, automatic bait machines, and so on. The project of the Ministry of Agriculture of Ethiopia and China to assist the Senior Agricultural expert Group in Ethiopia will be jointly used in the pilot demonstration and extension of agricultural technology in Ethiopia.

Speaking at the handover ceremony, Chinese Ambassador to Ethiopia Tan Jian said: Ethiopia is an agricultural country, and agricultural development is vital to the country's economic development and is also conducive to the country's eradication of famine and poverty. The international community should further strengthen cooperation with Ethiopia in the field of agriculture and further enhance agricultural assistance to Ethiopia. China's donation of agricultural equipment and materials to Ethiopia will further enhance Ethiopia's agricultural production capacity.

Ethiopian Agriculture Minister Omar Hussain said that China has given Ethiopia a lot of assistance in building agricultural production capacity, technical assistance and agricultural knowledge sharing. China has lifted a large number of people out of poverty and developed from a backward agricultural country into the world's second-largest economy, which is worth learning from Ethiopia.

The project of China's assistance to the Senior Agricultural expert Group in Ethiopia is one of the projects of China-Africa technical cooperation announced by the Chinese Government at the fourth Ministerial meeting of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation in 2009. In accordance with the actual needs of agricultural development in Ethiopia, the Chinese Government has sent corresponding professional senior agricultural experts to the Ministry of Agriculture of Ethiopia to provide technical advice, practical technical training, pilot demonstration and technical guidance. In order to improve the overall development level of agricultural technology and industry in Egypt; Walata reports.